Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be a well known Clinical Research Consulting company respected for its knowledge and ethical practices by the partners & clients.

Our logo depicts our Mission

While designing our logo, we went through a lot of ideation ... what best would represent our core values in the business ? The values that our business is firmly rooted in. Ethics, morality and truth, cornerstones of any good business model and they take absolute precedence in research and medicine. We realise that our research, our decisions and our results will have far reaching effects in the field of medicine - will in fact touch human lives. We take that responsibility seriously. We have to get it right everytime for us to be trusted with research that will make a positive difference to the future.

Hanul stands for that which is correct, right, well done, well researched and any report going out from the office is true, is ethical, is accurate, is the "right answer". Visually the tick mark adds a flourish to the logo, giving it a modern young texture.